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Pant Stretcher - Heavy Duty - Instant Stretch - 30" to 51" Range

Pant Stretcher - Heavy Duty - Instant Stretch - 30" to 51" Range

Pant Stretcher - Heavy Duty - Instant Stretch - 30" to 51" Range

HEAVY DUTY PANT WAISTBAND STRETCHER... Stretch range 30" to 51"... For waist sizes 31" to 48". This is like our other 30" to 59" stretcher, except this one has one extension rod instead of two.

Do your favorite jeans/pants shrink when you wash them?

Or have you just gained a few extra pounds in the wrong places?

NOT TO WORRY.... Now you don't have to discard those "too tight" favorite pants or wear them until your body eventually stretches them. Works on any material that is stretchable.

This "USA Country Pant Stretcher" will solve your problem. It will not break, bend or strip the threads like those plastic models do. It's made of all wood and metal and should last a life time. This stretcher has a stretch range from 30" on up to 51", using the metal extension rod for larger sizes. If you have a smaller waist size than 31", then our 22" to 35" stretcher, also sold on , may be right for you. 

 You can usually get a 1" stretch within a few minutes. Easy and quick.

This stretcher will give those pants the extra few inches to get that comfortable fit. It works with dry or wet pants, however damp or wet pants will usually stretch further, and hold their size better once dry.

SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS: Buckle or hook the pants together and position the pant stretcher in the waist area and tighten until snug. Then tighten more for actual stretching. Once stretched, the longer you leave the stretcher in the pants, the more permanent the stretch.

Yes... It has a lifetime warranty... If it breaks while stretching your pants I will  either replace it or repair it. We also offer money back if it doesn't do the job for you.

Feel free to ask questions. I will promptly answer. Neal E Hall



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